Ben’s 2nd birthday

Ben turned 2 on November 16. We celebrated on November 17 with a small group of friends and family that Ben was well acquainted with and who would deluge him with attention since he doesn’t really have any birthday-celebrating friends his own age. Thanks to all who attended and made Ben feel like the special birthday boy that he was.

We were a month late in taking Ben to his 2-year checkup, but better late than never. Stats:

  • Height: 36.75″ (98th percentile) – he’s tall!
  • Weight: 32 lbs.(ish) (75th percentile) – he’s big, but ok compared to his height!
  • He’s at or above all milestones – woo!

Birthday Party Photos:

Belated birthday gift – Braille/sign language wooden blocks:

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Showing off baby blankets, 1

Ben wrapped in a blanket made by family friend Sonya Folsom (thanks!).

We received many baby blankets, most handmade, for Ben (thanks everyone!). This morning, Ben and I woke up to a chilly apartment so we had an opportunity to get the basket o’ blankets out of the closet. I plan to take photos each time we use one as proof we’re using them. 🙂

Here’s Ben all bundled in a blanket quilt from a family friend Sonya (Blake’s mom’s friend’s stepmother).


Baby shower #3 – 10/8/10

Last Friday, a visual impairment support group I know from work threw me a baby shower. I received some really nice gifts and it was a lot of fun!


Baby Shower #2 – October 2, 2010

Last Saturday my mom threw me a baby shower. Thanks Mom and everyone who came! And thanks to my aunt Debbie for these photos!


Baby party #1 – 9/17/10

On Friday, Sept. 17 I had my first baby shower which consisted of mostly my co-workers, friends, and some family. It was at Copper Heron Cafe in Tavares. I only have a few photos so if anyone has some, please email me!

We all wore silly name tags and went around introducing ourselves. We ate some yummy food.

Blake and I opened gifts and judged the “Most Creative Recycled Wrapping” contest. Thank you to everyone for your generosity! {Fyi, registries have been updated.} The baby now has so much clothes (too much)! For the wrapping contest, folks re-used gift bags, or used no wrapping, or got super creative and made huge sunflowers out of plastic water bottles or used and re-sewed a dog food bag or intricately wrapped each gift with a theme using recycled materials.

Obviously it was an eco-friendly shower, with minimal decorations and homegrown sunflower plants as party favors. Everyone was so kind and put up with my green OCD.