Ben’s preggo mag

Benjamin picked up a pregnancy magazine and was checking out all the babes (err, babies).


Easy Bake Oven, take 2 or 3

Ben baked little pizzas in his Easy Bake Oven from Nana. They were disgusting! 6/13/15

Racquetball 5/30/15

I doubt Ben will become a professional athlete… at least not in racquetball! It was so funny to watch him though. He had a blast.

Picture day at “school”

May 2015

At Ben’s daycare, aka school since he’s not old enough yet for pre-k, they did school photos. He picked out his own clothes, so this:

2015-05-27 18.01.52

photographed like this:

With Nana, 5/9/15

Bike ride 4/19/15