Sneak peak of baby shower invites

The invitations to the baby shower are almost done – I just have to print them. Why is the preggo one making her own invites? Well, I want them to be eco-friendly (i.e. on recycled paper, as little waste as possible, etc.) and Target doesn’t sell any for the shower hostess Jenna to buy. Plus, I was a graphic designer in  life prior to blind people so I wanted to be creative. And I’m a friggin’ control freak. Stop asking so many questions.

Sneak peak of what they’re gonna look like ->

Hey that looks like me!


Cute t-shirt

I was taking a photo using the timer on the camera and Blake jumped in the photo at the last second. Actually came out really cool.

I got this t-shirt at Motherhood Maternity somewhere in Tampa (that day I went on a tour of the city’s 5ish malls). It says:


ba-by \noun\verb

1. An extremely young child still in the womb. “Did you hear I am having a baby.”

2. A new bundle of joy. “I love my baby.”

3. To use or treat with care. “I can’t wait to baby my baby.”

Thought it was cute. It’s a fun way of saying “I’m pregnant, not fat.” After the baby’s born, I can add it to the box of t-shirts with which I plan to make a “memory quilt.”


I’m an offensive pregnant woman (so they say)

One thing I’ve learned so far in the pregnancy is that people can be very touchy about the words I use to describe the baby. They are very easily offended, as though simple strange verbiage means I won’t love my baby or be a good mom.

So I use phrases such as “growth in my uterus,” “alien,” and comparing it to various foods – that shouldn’t be offensive to anyone. For example, “growth in my uterus” is a perfect description of the baby currently growing in my uterus. “Alien” is a great descriptor given the photos I received during my most recent ultrasound (see next post).

It’s my baby.

However I choose to describe it is really only my business. The baby will grow up with my and Blake’s non-traditional personalities so I doubt my little alien is offended.

And this is a huge adjustment for me personally – all these hormones, the responsibility, all of it. There are some moments where I’m scared out of my mind. If the worst way I cope with it is give the baby odd but still loving nicknames, I think we’re doing ok. It could be a lot worse.

Chill out folks. It’s ok. I’m offensive and obnoxious in general – what did you expect when the crazy pregnancy hormones started surging?


Telling the Parents, Part 2

Grandma and mom with the pacifier

March 27, 2010 – I told my mom and grandma. They came out to visit me. I presented my mom with a Dakota watch box – perfect because my mom loves jewelry and she thought is was actually a watch. Inside, there was a pacifier with a cute illustration of a baby on it. My mom didn’t get it: “What am I supposed to do with this?” as though I were sending her some sort of message about her being juvenile or something. My grandma said, “What’s wrong with you?! She’s pregnant.” My mom’s jaw dropped and my grandma kinda laughed at her.

We celebrated by going to a cafe in downtown Eustis then thrift store shopping for maternity clothes.


Telling the Parents, Part 1

Blake's mom getting the news

March 21, 2010 – We told Blake’s parents. Blake presented his mom with a box, formerly used to house checks, that said, “Thank you for your order” – a wonderful joke about how she has been nagging for grandkids. Within the box, was a newly peed on stick (in a plastic baggy) that said “Pregnant.” She and Jay were all kinds of excited and I think we went out to Steak ‘n Shake to “celebrate.”