I’m an offensive pregnant woman (so they say)

One thing I’ve learned so far in the pregnancy is that people can be very touchy about the words I use to describe the baby. They are very easily offended, as though simple strange verbiage means I won’t love my baby or be a good mom.

So I use phrases such as “growth in my uterus,” “alien,” and comparing it to various foods – that shouldn’t be offensive to anyone. For example, “growth in my uterus” is a perfect description of the baby currently growing in my uterus. “Alien” is a great descriptor given the photos I received during my most recent ultrasound (see next post).

It’s my baby.

However I choose to describe it is really only my business. The baby will grow up with my and Blake’s non-traditional personalities so I doubt my little alien is offended.

And this is a huge adjustment for me personally – all these hormones, the responsibility, all of it. There are some moments where I’m scared out of my mind. If the worst way I cope with it is give the baby odd but still loving nicknames, I think we’re doing ok. It could be a lot worse.

Chill out folks. It’s ok. I’m offensive and obnoxious in general – what did you expect when the crazy pregnancy hormones started surging?

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