Sonogram – 14ish weeks

The length of the baby. You can see the spine, head, chest/belly, and legs. I couldn't really make out any arms.

Blake accompanied me to my sonogram on Friday.  At my doc’s, they just have the portable ultrasound machine so they sent me to the hospital imaging center with all their fancy, expensive equipment. I had to drink 30 oz. of water, hold it for 1+ hours and proceed to have my bladder squashed by the photo-taker thingy that gets slid around my belly.

Per the not-so-friendly tech, the baby is growing on schedule and has all the necessary parts. She was measuring all the baby’s parts for my lady parts doctor so she took tons of photos. At one point, Blake thought the baby was winking at him… with its heart. Yeah, we were looking at the heartbeat. That set off a round of giggles. And I’ll never let him live it down.

Baby from the front. You can see the face, torso, arms, and legs.

When we got the photos, three of the five we were given were downright scary. The face/head is all bone so it resembles the alien inside the alien suit in the movie “Independence Day.” {If this comparison is offensive, please see my previous post.}

I'm having a ... head!

In third photo, it’s just a head floating in my belly. Now, it’s cool that I get these updates on the little lemon growing inside me, but really, these are the best photos she could do? With that fancy equipment?

We’re happy that the baby is growing on schedule and has all the right parts so far in all the right places. The next estimated delivery date is November 17. So really sometime in November.

I go to my lady parts doc Thursday so maybe she can explain all the photos and results in more detail.

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