It’s a boy

The little circular thing is the boy parts.

The recent sonogram indicated that my little girl has boy parts. Or my little lemon has a penis. Or my little boy doesn’t have any girl parts. Or it’s a boy.

The sonogram tech said, before we started, that we wouldn’t be able to tell the sex for another month or so. Then at the end she told us it’s a boy, she’s 100% sure. Of course, with my big mouth, I couldn’t help but blurt out that “he’s gonna have a big pecker.”

In the photo, imagine you’re looking at legs in the shape of >. That circular thingy at the top of the legs is supposed to be the little boy’s… thingy.

So now the search really is on for a middle name.

Benjamin {middle name} Buck

Although now that it’s confirmed, I’m open to rethinking Benjamin as well. Any ideas?

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