Beach Day 9-14-13

Blake, Hana, and Ben went on a beach day in the Daytona area. They had a ton of fun. Blake buried Ben in the sand and, when trying to pull him out, Ben’s forearm was pulled out of the elbow socket. There’s video evidence that there was no foul play – Ben and Blake were laughing and playing up until the second it happened! Beach day ended with a trip to the hospital. After a quick adjustment for his “nursemaid’s elbow,” Ben was fine. Now we have to be gentle because this is now more likely to happen again until his ligaments harden around age 5. We also discovered that Ben’s health insurance is garbage – after insurance, Ben’s brief hospital visit cost $700.


Family photos

I found these photos on Blke’s phone from back in March. Love them!


Ben’s new friend Diego

At work, I chaperoned a group of teens at a local carnival. One of the vendors was selling blow-up Diego’s and Dora’s. It’s hard to find Diego memorabilia so I nabbed one:













I’m glad I did because Ben loved it!


Making tin foil “robots”

I found this website with 30+ Craft Activities for Toddler Boys. Ben and I tried Tin Foil Monsters (or Robots):


  • Tin foil
  • Crayons
  • Toothpicks for arms/legs


What it was supposed to look like:


How we did:











Making the robot monsters:

Links to other toddler activities:

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Ben’s 2-year photos

We went to Sears today to get Ben’s 2-year-old photos taken. He put the “terrible” in “terrible twos”: hyperactive, running all around, pushing over chairs, throwing props… The photographer was very patient, and I’m sure a few more gray hairs popped up! But we were able to get a few good shots:


To view all, go to: Sears Photos. Session ID: 114576, password: P3YNP