3 months!

He’s just over three months now. He’s definitely grown into himself. And he’s definitely teething! He’s drooling everywhere, chewing on everything, and you can kinda see the teeth coming. He’s starting to grow out of 3 month clothes but most 6 month clothes are too big, so his in a transition stage (just like mommy and her clothes!).

Milestones to date:

  • He’s holding his head up perfect, as well as his entire upper body. {
  • He rolls over from his stomach to his back.
  • He’s putting a lot of weight on his feet; in fact, he’s enjoying trying to stand more than anything.
  • He’s working on sitting up; he’s done the “tripod” thing where he leans forward while sitting and supports himself with his hands.
  • He can play by himself.
  • He responds to moving objects and sounds.

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