Eco-friendly breast pump

I plan to breastfeed, assuming the girls cooperate. Still, I’ll need a breast pump and baby bottles. Let’s start with breast pumps.

First, electric or manual? A manual or basic electric pump is really for moms who will be nursing for most feedings. They’re for occasional use only. A heavy-duty electric pump is probably best for our situation since I will be away from baby a minimum of 11 hours a day, missing most of the day’s feedings.

Hygeia EnJoye EPS

Hygeia EnJoye EPS ($219) – double electric

A review in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine said it’s of similar quality to a hospital breast breast pump, meaning it’s fast. It’s also supposed to be comfortable and very quiet. The selling feature for me though is that it’s recyclable.

I also found this article about this breast pump:

Milking the Green Movement: Eco Friendly Breast Pumps

Milking the Green Movement: Eco Friendly Breast PumpsSometimes, the most important part of being eco friendly is finding new and innovative ways to be greener. These new methods aren’t always things that you would think of – case in point the new Hygeia EnJoye Professional Grade Breastpump.

Consider this number: over two million breast pumps are purchased every year by new parents. Most of these two million breast pumps are recommended by the FDA to be used by only one user. This means that even if a breast pump has only been used for a few days or weeks, it will eventually wind up in a landfill. That statistic equates to a lot of barely used breast pumps rotting in landfills!

Luckily, the new Hygeia breast pump is different. The FDA has registered this product as being safe for multiple users, which means that these new pumps are not only better for the environment, they are also more cost effective because after a user is done with the pump they can pass it on to another mother.

These breast pumps have other great features as well. Not only are they safe to use for more than one user, they are made from recyclable materials. In addition, if you ever want to dispose of your breast pump you can send it back to Hygeia and they will dispose of it in an eco friendly manner. The pumps also come equipped with a virus and bacteria filter that is designed to keep unwanted viruses and bacteria from entering the pump. All of these pumps are also guaranteed to be BPA-free, lead-free, phthalate-free and latex-free. If you end up not liking the pump for whatever reason, you can send it back to Hygeia and get a return credit or exchange during the first twenty one days that you own the pump.

For all these reasons, the Hygeia EnJoye Professional Grade Breastpump definitely appears to be a great choice for families who want to not only own a very quality breast pump, but also to be a little more eco conscious.

From what I can tell, it’s not available anywhere we plan to register. It’s only available on their website.

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