Baby names

Folks ask us if we have names picked out. Why yes, we do. We have one for if it’s a boy and one a girl (no, we don’t know the sex yet). The girl’s name we’ve actually had picked out from back when we were 16.

Girl: Arabella Ann

Boy: Benjamin {Undecided Middle Name}

We read a million years ago that Arabella means “answered prayer” but I can’t remember where we saw that. Arabella, or Bella, has become a popular name because of those goofy Twilight movies – we did not take the name from that. 🙂

UPDATE: Blake informed me that he has not consented to the use of his middle name for the boy’s middle name. I have removed that for fear of a lawsuit. 🙂 I suggested Button, as in Benjamin Button Buck but he did not consent. Any suggestions?

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