Being a woman is not fair.

It’s obvious that having a baby is harder on the woman because she carries the baby and pushes it out. But what I never anticipated was how much childbirth would have changed my body afterward.

  1. I shed like a dog! The drain is constantly clogged because I didn’t shed for 10 months while pregnant.
  2. My skin is drier. I get these brown dry spots that I have to scrub off to look less like a leper.
  3. My breakouts are worse. I’ve been prone to acne since puberty had a seizure on my face. Since having Ben, it’s been just as bad.
  4. Oh the hormones! The mood swings, the stress, the resentment… woe is me (sometimes).
  5. The female anatomy is… different.
  6. Breast feeding makes me sooo hungry! I don’t know how women lose weight while breastfeeding. I’m always STARVING. Combine that with my working full-time+ and I don’t have time to lose weight.
Being a woman is not fair.

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