Ben is 3 weeks old

Time flies! Ben is now 3 weeks old. He’s healthy and adorable. As far as updates go, he’s gotten  spoiled. He doesn’t like to be put down. If he’s asleep in your arms, and you try to put him down, he’ll wake up and scream until you pick him up. I don’t know how to break him of that since you can only listen to screeching for so long. He’s also developed baby acne, which I’ve read is from dried milk stuck to his face. Also doesn’t help that Mom doesn’t have great skin. Gotta love genetics.

Otherwise, he’s cute as a button, gaining weight, and growing out of his newborn clothes and diapers.

So far in his 3 weeks, he’s been to a Christmas party, traveled more than 60 miles  in one trip (from Eustis to Daytona), smiled, laughed, been attacked by a cat, sniffed by some dogs, been out to several restaurants, and caused Mom to stop drinking milk. I think his eyes are blue and we’ve discovered a dimple in his right cheek.

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