Bradley Method Class in Clermont

I live in a rural area. I was told by staff at the hospital in which I will be giving birth that there weren’t any lamaze, Bradley method, or hypnobirthing classes in our area. However, with a little research, I found a Bradley method class relatively close by in Clermont. We totally can’t afford the class but it’s good to know that it’s even available.

About the upcoming class

Yes, I have a series that will begin August 20 (fridays) from 7-9pm. The class is held at Restoration Specific Chiropractic on Hwy 27 by the Citrus Tower in Clermont. It is a 10 week series which covers the following:
Class 1: Exercise
Class 2: Nutrition and Pregnancy
Class 3: The Coach’s Role
Class 4: Introduction to First Stage Labor
Class 5: Introduction to Second Stage Labor
Class 6: Planning Your Birth
Class 7: Variations and Unexpected Situations/Postpartum preparation
Class 8: Advanced First Stage Techniques
Class 9: Advanced Second Stage Techniques
Class 10: Being a Great Coach/Are You Ready? and Preparation for You New Family/Newborn Care
I also include some information and demonstration on cloth diapering and baby wearing if the couples are interested.
The class fee is $400 which includes the 10 week series, student workbook, coach card, certificate, unlimited phone and email support, and free refresher classes later in your current pregnancy and/or future pregnancies.
Contact: Rebekah Lin, 770-757-0057,

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