Changing a baby in public

Going just about anywhere with a small child can be difficult, especially when you need to change diapers. In my 4 months with Ben, I’ve had the best and worst luck at the following places:

The family restroom at IKEA

They have a large family restroom with stimulating wall decor, a chair comfortable for nursing, free diapers, and they offer bottle warming at their restaurant. They also offer free stroller rentals.

2. Babies R Us
They have changing room/nursing area that is separate from a bathroom. It’s cozy and offers privacy.

3. Target
They have a family restroom with plenty space to do the dirty work. Family restrooms are important when Blake is doing the diaper changes – apparently men’s rooms don’t consistently have changing tables.


Not so good
1. Taco Bell and Wendy’s
At one I had to change a nasty diaper in my lap and the other on the floor because there was no changing table available, although the restroom had ample space.

2. Moe’s
They have a changing table but the one I went had such dim lighting I had to get way too close to the mess I was changing just to see it.

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