Coppin’ a squat

Do you know how hard it is to squat with a huge preggo belly?

Blake and I have been reading up on the Bradley Method of natural childbirth. It basically sums up to:

  1. Husband is the coach during labor
  2. Use specific breathing methods depending on the stage of labor (not the hee-haw of Lamaze which causes hyperventilating)
  3. Use concentrated relaxation to ease pain, like intentionally relaxing the abdomen and uterus instead of tensing up (using a lot of “mind over matter”)
  4. Use specific body positions to ease pain, speed up delivery, and avoid interventions

The squatting position is recommended most by the Bradley Method because:

  • Shortens the second stage of labor (pushing phase)
  • Decreases the need for forcep deliveries
  • Reduces the need for episiotomy
  • Shortens the depth of your birth canal
  • Works with gravity
  • Increases pelvic diameter by 10+%

Throughout my pregnancy I’ve been exercising or getting at least some activity every day, including weight lifting and strength training. I’ve been doing squats like so in prep for labor:

However, it occurred to me that you can’t actually have a baby from that position. Apparently, I should be doing these kind of squats:

Do you have any idea how much those kind of squats hurt?! 🙂 So I guess I need to work on that…

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