I’m addicted to Herr’s Hot Cheese Curls. Only available at my Walgreens around the corner – until I bought the last and they have yet to re-stock.

People have been asking if I’ve had any weird cravings. No, nothing weird.

The first few months, I wanted milk. Several glasses a day. Went through a couple cartons a week.

Nowadays all I want is spicy. Spicy popcorn. Louisiana hot sauce in my ketchup. Hot sauce on my Taco Bell. That is odd for me because I usually hate spicy stuff, like zero tolerance for it.

The craziest thing of all is that I’d prefer potato chips over chocolate – what the what?! Before baby, I had to have chocolate everyday without fail. Now I could totally go without and I often do.

I read that the salty/spicy cravings means it’s a boy. Well so does the pecker on the sonogram. 🙂

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