Disappointing, frustrating, painful baby-less weekend

After finding out that I was dilating and effacing at my appointment on Thursday, I was convinced I was gonna have a baby this weekend. I was having cramps and what I interpreted to be contractions – like pain all up in my belly region. (I had asked my doctor that day what contractions felt like since she said I was having one and didn’t know it and she said “You’ll know.” So I thought “I knew” I was having contractions.)

Blake and I went and walked for hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with the goal of having a baby over the weekend (walking is supposed to help with labor). All the while, I’m thinking I’m having contractions and baby’s coming soon.

Last night I started to feel terrible: wicked bad headache, painful cramps and contractions (or “contractions”), blurred vision, nausea… just miserable. I did the blood pressure machine at Publix and it was high. My doc told me a few weeks ago when my blood pressure was high that if I had a headache that didn’t go away, that I should go to the hospital.

Well, this morning, we went to the hospital. Turns out, I was dehydrated which was causing high blood pressure and contractions. I was still only 2 cm dilated but 80% effaced (I was 50% on Thursday). They had the monitor thing on my belly and I had a few contractions but none big/bad enough to squeeze out a baby. So no baby.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow for follow up. It’ll end up being an expensive lesson, since I was in the hospital, but I learned exactly what the contractions are supposed to be. Wish my doc was a bit more informative. It was a frustrating and draining weekend thinking I’m having a baby the whole friggin’ time… I’m actually very pissed at my doctor because really I should be getting a whole lot more than what I’ve gotten. I don’t even know what questions I’m supposed to be asking to get the information I should be getting. Oh well, it’s almost over.

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