End of the 1st Trimester – 13 Weeks

This week, the baby is the size of a medium shrimp. You may have noticed a food theme here. The BabyCenter.com (where I get all the pictures of what the baby looks like each week) relates the size of the baby each week to the that of a comparable food. Up until now, it’d been fruits or seeds of some kind. Probably until the day the baby is born, I (and my work co-hort Jenna) will continue to refer to the new Buck as its food-of-the-week. What started it was when I first told Jenna about the baby I’m growing, I said it was the size of a poppy seed. And without fail since, she’s asked every week for the food update: poppy seed to sesame seed to lentil to blueberry to kidney bean to grape to kumquat to fig to lime and now to shrimp. What makes it extra fun for us is that we’re always talking about food – darn near every conversation we engage in either is completely about or ends of being about food. Feel free to join the festivities.

So, this week, the little shrimp, if a girl shrimp, current has over 2 million ovaries in her little shrimp ovaries. And he/she/it has fingerprints.

Next week starts the 2nd trimester, which I’ve read is considered the “honeymoon trimester” since the morning sickness and fatigue usually lessen or go away (I’m hoping for the latter). My only complaints now is the heartburn at night and my expanding girth. Pants I could zip up last week now laugh when I consider reaching for the zipper tab. Good thing I have my belly bands (more about those later).

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