Final ultrasound 11/3/10

At my final ultrasound yesterday, it was confirmed that baby’s head is facing down, the placenta isn’t blocking the opening, and he’s not too big – all pointing away from my needing a C-section (yay!). It was also confirmed that his bony ass is bruising my rib (ok, so they confirmed that his butt is in the vicinity of my ribs but there was no actual proof of bruising other than my rib-region hurts – I’ll stop being an exaggerator-face).

Because we’re so close to the end, the ultrasound, which works by bouncing sound waves off the amniotic fluid inside, didn’t capture any cute photos. Baby’s so smooshed in there with very little fluid that the tech was just able to get measurements. I have a photo of him giving a thumbs up but my scanner’s not cooperating, sorry.

The tech was able to guesstimate the weight. He’s just over 3,000 grams, which translates to roughly 5.5 pounds, give or take 1.25 pounds. That’s a pretty small guy, since the average weight is 7 pounds. We’ll see!

At first, my due date was 11/23, based on the start of my last period. Then after the first two sonograms, they moved it up to 11/17 because he was growing fast, which is what I’ve been going by. Based on this last ultrasound, they’ve moved it back to 11/23. (Dang it.)

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