First ultrasound – 11 weeks

Baby at 11 weeks

On Thursday, May 6, 2010, I went in for my first ultrasound. You can make out the head and some of the body. It came out pretty dark. But man, was it clear on the screen!

First the baby was laying like this. Then the doc moved the camera thingy a certain way across my belly that must have pissed off baby because he/she (still don’t know yet) started kicking and flailing. At one point, the baby turned toward me and I could see the face. Wicked creepy! But all in all breathtaking. Yeah, I got all girly and teary eyed.

A clearer idea of what the baby looks like at 11 weeks.

My next ultrasound/sonogram is in 3-4 weeks. It’ll be at the hospital which apparently has better equipment so hopefully we’ll get a better photo.

So the baby is supposedly as big as a fig now. My pants are getting tight. I think I’ll be going out today to get some belly bands – I write more about that later.

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