gDiapers not working

So far, we haven’t been able to use the gDiapers as planned. I bought a newborn starter kit, but Ben is too big for the newborn diapers (even having them on him loosely cuts off his circulation and turns his feet and legs purple!) and too small for the small size. Maybe when he gains a little, gets a little bigger, we can try the gDiapers again, hopefully. We’ve been using standard disposable diapers, currently Huggies Naturals with organic cotton, and we’re not impressed. He leaks everywhere! At least the gDiapers kept everything in the diaper. Who needs feet anyway? 🙂

So far, not much has gone to plan. The gDiapers aren’t usable right now. The reusable wipes – we pulled the plug on that device, literally (Blake was concerned it was using too much power to be worth it and we went through all 14 wipes in a few hours). We’re trying out different eco-friendly disposable wipes to find ones we like. I’m waiting until Ben’s cord falls off to try the standard cloth diapers. Maybe we’ll get lucky! And oh the laundry! Seems like he’s peeing/pooing/puking/leaking on everything. Such are the joys of a newborn so I’m told. 🙂

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