Legoland 8-31-13

Today we went to Legoland in Winter Haven. A local nonprofit offered tickets for $30 per person (a steal!) as a fundraiser last month, so we swiped a few tickets. Here are some fun photos of our long, hot, fun day at Legoland.

Ben and daddy build a Lego car:

Ben rides a roller coaster! The Dragon roller coaster had a minimum height of 40″ and Ben just made it. So at 2 years old, he rode his first roller coaster. In the photo below, he may not look super happy, but he was really excited afterward and said “Yep!” when asked if he had fun.


Other photos of our day:


Souvenir from Legoland: his hand print turned into a rubber ducky. Last year we purchased a print of his hand transformed into 5 penguins on a glacier.





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