Like father like son

There’s no doubt that Ben looks like his dad:

Of course, that’s not a bad thing… he has my long finger toes so I guess I’m still represented there somewhere.

One thought on “Like father like son

  1. Wow – they really do look alike! It will be interesting to see how much they continue to resemble each other age Ben ages, and for that matter, as Blake ages. A really old bald Blake might look a lot like Ben now! I love your blog – it is fun to visit and easy to navigate. I am trying to do more fun stuff with my computers rather than just work stuff, and this is definitely fun.

    Also enjoyed seeing Ben roll over and even seeing him sitting. Reminded me of little Dak and Nico. This blog is such a better way to archive photos and memories than the old way we used to do it – take a photo, wait a week while it is developed, go back and pick up the photos, paste them in a book…

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