Looking for a pediatrician

Apparently, unlike grown-ups, babies need to go to a doctor fairly often. It’s no surprise to those who know me but I really don’t like doctors – nothing against them necessarily as people but in my experience they tend to be abrupt, unfriendly, pill pushers.

However, the search is now on for a pediatrician. I was given a list of docs who are affiliated with the hospital I’ll be birthing at and from there I’ve called them all to find those accepting new patients and those with office hours on Fridays.

Next step is interviewing those docs who meet the cut. First docterview (get it – doctor + interview) is this Friday.

Things important to me:

Selective about immunizations – I’m not a fan of injecting oneself with a disease to gain immunity from a disease. It’s totally illogical. And I’m also prone to believe any and all conspiracy theories, like the one that says vaccines cause autism. However, it’s basically required by all doctors and the government that you vaccinate so I guess we’ll be pricking Ben with needles full of measles, mumps, reubella, chickenpox, Hep B, and many more! What I’m looking for in pediatrician is a doc who understands my hesitation.

Circumcision – doctor must be supportive of the decision not to circumcize.

“Circumcision is not an ethical medical procedure,” said Georganne Chapin, executive director of Intact America, a Tarrytown, N.Y., advocacy group. “You are removing a perfectly normal body part. We don’t allow people to do that to their daughters. We should not let them do it to their sons.” – Washington Post

Diet – I’m looking for a doctor that encourages a healthy diet and exercise over medications, and either encourages or is at least ok with a plant-based diet.

Selective about medications – for many, many ailments, diet, exercise, socialization, and homeopathy can be the appropriate cure. I don’t want a doc that thinks the first route is prescription drugs.

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