Minimalism and a baby

If you are reading this, then you know me and Blake and the fact that we are hippie minimalist conservationists. Some examples:

  • We don’t like stuff – just ask our parents who keep attempting to give us gifts and we either decline or freecycle the item.
  • We live in a relatively small apartment, our walls are bare, and we continually get rid of more and more of our possessions.
  • We don’t watch TV to avoid the ads.
  • We recycle everything – if there’s a way to recycle it, we do.
  • Our apartment is usually uncomfortably hot, although I never think so, to conserve energy.
  • Showers occur less frequently in our home than in others to save water.

But to summarize, we keep it simple.

The whole baby process, as I understand, can be quite contrary to this way of life. But it doesn’t have to be.

I tell everyone this so they understand that, and I mean it in no way rudely or disrespectfully or maliciously, if you want to get us a gift, don’t. We’re what our parents would consider obnoxiously picky about everything. We’d just appreciate your gift of continued love and friendship. If you do want to go the material route, please please please check with us first or include a receipt. You can also check on here as I add things we DO want. We appreciate your understanding as we try to keep it simple and minimize our footprint. Thank you! Love you!


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