Post-partum weight gain

It should come as not surprise to anyone who has seen me in the last year that not only have I not lost my baby weight (approx. 15 pounds), bout I’ve also gained additional weight (approx. 15 pounds). There are lots of things to blame it on: stress of being a first-time mom, stress of new stressful job, stress of new house, stress of not losing the original weight, being too tired from work/mommying/wifeing to do anything, poor eating habits… summary: stress, stress-inflicted fatigue, love of crap foods.

That’s why you don’t see any photos of me on here…

I resolve right now, for my own health and for my future with Ben and Blake, no more excuses! Let’s lose some weight!

However, these are some more excuses for my weight gain/lack of loss:

Postpartum Weight Gain Linked To Lack Of Sleep

Factors affecting weight gain: amount gained during pregnancy, pre-pregnancy weight, number of pregnancies…


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