Sprout Organic Baby Food

I'd seriously eat all these foods. Weird?

Even though I just posted that we don’t plan to buy much, if any, pre-packaged baby foods, I would consider the Sprout organic baby food line. It’s organic, yummy for adults (if you got really hungry I supposed), concocted by a top chef, and the package is recyclable. (Learn more about Sprout: www.sproutbabyfood.com.)

Not only is the package recyclable, it’s part of Terracycles upcycle campaign. Terracycle accepts used packages from Frito-Lay chips, Nabisco cookies, Capri-Sun, and many others. You collect the wrappers, send them to Terracycle, they donate 2 cents per wrapper to your favorite charity, and makes those wrappers into a new, fun product. (Learn more about Terracyle: www.terracycle.net.)

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