Two weeks old

Ben is now two weeks old. He went to the pediatrician today for a weight check – he’s up to 7 pounds 6 ounces. Yay! The way he’s been craving the boob, I’m not at all surprised, but it’s good to have the confirmation. His next check-up is in 2 weeks.

Last night and today he’s been particularly gassy, so my mother-in-law thinks. All I know is that he’s been crying and not even the boob can calm him down. He’s been crunching up in a ball and getting all red faced. Probably gas. The pediatrician said it’s because I drink too much milk. I do drink a lot of milk and apparently I need to stop. Bummer. I should be eating better anyway for Ben’s health and to lose my baby fat – lack of sleep however isn’t all that condusive to cooking or making healthy decisions… 🙂

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