6 weeks

The poster we have above the changing table

Most of these photos take place on the changing table. We have a poster of Homer Simpson above the changing table that he loves to stare at. He used to fuss and cry but now he smiles and laughs and actually enjoys diaper changes. Naked Homers have the same effect on me too.

Ben’s still going bald which is fun. Blake’s mom says Ben’s looking more and more like Blake’s birth father because of this.

I’ve been leaving him home with Daddy for 5+ hours a few days this week while I go in to work so they both get used to me not being around when I go back to work full time on Monday. Blake’s been great so far.

Ben’s been eating nonstop, which makes me feel like a milking machine most days, especially when I’ve had to go out to the car for 15 minutes at work a couple times this week to awkwardly pump. (I bought my pump especially for the car adapter as an alternative to pumping in the bathroom at work.) As odd as it is, it has to be done so I can store milk for when Blake or his mom are watching him while I’m working, or so someone can babysit while Blake and I have a date night like this weekend (so looking forward to that!).

So far I think we’re doing good. We’re getting the hang of this baby stuff. Since we’ve hit 6 weeks, I’ve started putting more effort into exercising. I love my Wii and Biggest Loser game. I exercised throughout my pregnancy but it’s amazing how weak my abs are now and how stiff I am from a month and a half of sedentary days. I have about 20 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-preggo weight. I can tell my back is already stronger from lugging around my progressively bigger and bigger bundle of joy – seriously, he’s still looks thin but he’s so long! His newborn size stuff still fits around but when you go to snap between the legs, for example, no go. We’re breaking into the 3 month sized stuff now, of which we still have tons (thanks everyone!).

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