8 weeks (& catching up on 7 weeks)

Ben is 8 weeks old today. He’s growing like a weed. He’s still pretty slender but very long. He’s fitting into most 3-month-sized stuff now, but also some 6 months and amazingly a 9-month-sized sleeper!

Last week, my dad was in town from Virginia and Ben got to meet Grandpa Tim.

Other things of note:

  • His hair is growing back in.
  • He’s smiling and laughing more. He’s enjoying his Baby Einstein Under the Sea thing and also these 2 Baby Einstein VHS’s my boss gave us (thanks!). Blake’s been singing the alphabet to him which he seems to really get a kick out of.
  • He’s been eating like crazy!

I’m back at work now full-time, started last week. It’s been nuts with the 10 hours days then coming home and squeezing in whatever possible while feeding him and getting to bed by 9 to start it all over again. Blake’s been with him all day last week and this week, until he starts school/work next week during which time Ben will be with Grandma Lauren 3 days a week.

I also started my Spring semester of grad school yesterday. I was planning on taking 2 classes but dropped one almost immediately upon reading the syllabus (maybe next semester!).

Ben has a doctor’s appointment on Monday where he’ll get his first round of immunizations, which I hate but it’s gotta be done.

We decided against using gDiapers once he grows out of the small size. They’re great and all but a bit more expensive that traditional disposables and kind of a hassle. I found a great deal on these corn-based biodegradable disposable diapers so we’ll give those a try for the next size.

We’re still figuring it all out as we go. Until next time… 🙂

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