Funny man-pregnancy book

This book sounds funny – I love Kevin Nealon:

Kevin Nealon back in pre-pregnancy jeans

September 1, 2008

Saturday Night Live alum and Weeds actor Kevin Nealon spoke with The Cradle about his own “pregnancy symptoms” when his wife Susan Yeagley was pregnant with their son Gable. Nealon documented his experience in the book, Yes, You’re Pregnant, But What About Me?

Nealon jokes that he did gain sympathy weight and is “barely able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans.” He says, “During the pregnancy I had those jeans with the elastic stretch band along the waist and also along the cuffs, since I was getting ‘cankles.’”

What was his biggest fear? “The biggest fear, of course, is whose baby is it really? No, only kidding. It was nobody’s “love child” except for mine. My biggest fear was for the health and well-being of my wife and child. I dealt with those fears as most people would: I stuffed my face with as much food as possible… mostly sweets and carbs. The other fear was whether or not I would be able to withstand the actual delivery of the baby. I’m not good with blood or placenta.”

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