Doc appointment on Tuesday 8/24

I woke up Tuesday morning convinced that I was dying.

I was sure that when I went to my doc appointment that morning, I was going to be diagnosed with pre-eclampsia (pregnancy-induced hypertension) and gestational diabetes, requiring bed rest, causing me to lose my job, and ultimately our apartment, and then life as we knew it.

See, my ankles and feet were crazy bloated/swollen/FAT to the point that I only had a pair of flip flops I could maneuver over the girth, I had a terrible headache which persisted for three days by then, my vision was blurry, I was gaining weight despite exercising and vigorously watching my calories, and I just was not feeling great.

So I go to my doctor’s appointment. Nurse checked my urine. No sugars or proteins. She checked my blood pressure. “Great!” Well below the threshold for pre-eclampsia. Doc reads my test results from the glucose test I’d done a few weeks ago. No gestational diabetes. I’m in great shape!

Any hormonal woman can tell you that if you’re feeling like crap, the last thing you want to hear is that it’s all in your head.

So I whined.

Me: “Why does my head hurt?”

Doc: “Is it your sinuses?”

Me: “No. My cheeks don’t hurt.”

Doc: “There are sinuses in your forehead and the back of your neck.”

Me: Damn. “Ok, it’s my sinuses.”

Doc: “The weather’s been pretty bad the past few days…”

Me: “Fine, it’s my sinuses. Why are my feet so fat?”

Doc: “You’re pregnant.”

So basically, I’m very healthy, baby’s healthy, and I was just whining like a child. 🙂

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