Motherhood Maternity shares personal info

I keep receiving these ads for cord blood storage. Without ever having requested information from the company. I’m convinced that Motherhood Maternity is selling my information. Which makes me mad. They have my information from the first time I bought something there. They ask for your address and phone number. I gave them my address because they said they mail coupons.

I was looking at their website to buy something because I had a gift card because I bought something at a store and returned it the next day, finding out you can’t get your money back. Was all set to buy a cute dress and then they asked for my phone number all mandatorily.

It’s clear in their privacy policy that they share your info, but I wasn’t told that in the store when I signed up.

At times we may also share your personal information with other companies or organizations that have a product or service we believe may be of interest to you or that would like to contact you to ask your opinion of various topics that may be of interest to you and/or may help them serve you better. However, you always have the right to direct us not to share your information with third parties (see “Choice” below).

To get off those mailing lists, you have to email them, per their website:

We believe that choice is one of the most important privacy principles. You have the choice not to submit any personally identifiable information to us (although under such circumstances you would be unable to purchase items from the Retail Web Sites or participate in our contests and sweepstakes). You also may choose to submit only those mandatory fields of data absolutely required for purchases and contest participation. Finally, you may choose to limit the use of or access to your personally identifiable information by requesting that we refrain from sharing all such information with any third parties. You may “opt out” in this way at any time simply by contacting us at, or at the address and phone number listed at the end of this privacy policy.

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