Ketchup – salt = nasty

Too much sodium! (And the blog where I snagged this photo actually has a funny post about ketchup, if you're interested.)

I’ve been trying to watch my salt intake to keep my blood pressure and fat feet under control. I read in an issue of Parents magazine that a good rule of thumb is to avoid foods with 2x as much sodium as calories. For example, if a sandwich has 400 calories, 1700 mg of sodium is really bad. I noticed that ketchup has 15 calories in a tablespoon and 190 mg of sodium, which is horrendous. I like me some ketchup so I was a bit perturbed.

So at the grocery, I picked up a bottle of “no salt added” ketchup.

Do you know what ketchup tastes like when you don’t have any salt in it?


How gross it that? Who dips their salty french fries in tomatoes?! Nasty.

Haha. So needless to say, I’ll have to find alternate ways to trim my sodium.

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