5 Best & Worst Things about Pregnancy

The Worst

5. Buying so much stuff

Blake and I are minimalists. We don’t like stuff and can usually talk ourselves out of buying just about anything. While we’ve been able to keep it simple, we’ve still had to acquire a lot of stuff. Fortunately we’ve done our research and bought/requested a lot of stuff with a smaller impact on the environment.

Me & Gigabyte sleeping at our apartment in Virginia.

4. Not being able to sleep with my cats >

We have three non-human children, ages 7, 7, and 8. And in our preparing the baby’s room, we’ve decided to keep the cats out to reduce the amount of cat hair/allergens. The problem is that the baby’s room is also our bedroom, so I haven’t been able to sleep with my kitty babies in months. I’ve found myself sleeping on the couch more than a few times to cuddle with them.

3. Stupidity

The baby’s eating my brain cells. The closer and closer we get to D-Day, the dumber I get! My brain is jumbling words, tripping over basic logic, forgetting everything including my own name, and reducing me to a bumbling buffoon. Baby better be a genius!

2. Pain

I know I haven’t delivered yet, where the real pain comes in, but as of late my bones hurt if I sit, lay, or stand too long. It’s excruciating if I don’t potty frequently (I have a pre-existing bladder condition that mixes the signals on whether or not I need to pee). Oh the back aches!

1. Heartburn

I never had heartburn until pregnancy. I can conservatively estimate that I’ve ingested HUNDREDS of Tums during these past 9+ months. I’m going through milk like crazy to try to help alleviate the burning. Of course, in thinking about the burning, Johnny Cash pops into my head… “And it burns burns burns, the ring of fire…” {See #3}

The Best

5. The hunger

Of course it’s nice that I get to eat more stuff. But it’s been a double-edged sword because I’ve also been obsessive about not gaining too much weight. But food is always a good thing.

4. Shiny hair and long nails

Blame it on the prenatal vitamins, but my hair is thicker and shinier and my nails longer and stronger than ever before. I just recently chopped off my hair (too much to deal with), but it’s still gorgeous, if I do say so myself. However, the gray is just pouring in, but I don’t really mind it; gives me character.

3. Exercise praise

Never before have I been regarded so highly for exercising! Apparently a lot of pregnant women aren’t nearly as active as I am so I’m suddenly awesome for working out. Go me!

2. Spicy foods

Before pregnancy, I couldn’t tolerate spicy anything. Black pepper on stuff was too much. Not that I can handle jalapeños or anything, but hot sauce on my Taco Bell beany Double Decker, or Louisiana hot sauce in my ketchup, not to mention my Spicy Cheese Curls, has been truly wonderful.

Baby back in August

1. Growing a little person

It’s taken me this long to admit that it is exciting that I’m growing a little person. Since it’s becoming real, I can admit how cool it is that Blake and I have created a little dude that’ll hopefully be a gorgeous as we are, as nerdy as Blake, and as brilliant as I used to be.

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