“You’re a pain in my…”

So about 5 years ago, I took a Spin class at the gym at USF. For those unfamiliar, Spinning is a hellacious activity in which you ride a stationary bike, bouncing up and down on an unnecessarily hard seat. After my one and only attempt at the activity, I experienced some nasty bruising on my lady parts (sexy!).

I bring that up because I was feeling like that had happened again today. My bones in the nether-regions are killing me. Sitting is just not fun and I do the old man groan getting up and down from a chair.

A search on the Google for “crotch pain pregnancy” alerted me to how common this is. It’s common and will probably only get worse. So let’s pop out this little guy already!

I see my doc tomorrow where I’m sure I’ll be told, like with all my other complaints, that the reason for this is “because you’re pregnant.”

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